MSc Filmmaking and Media Arts students celebrate 65th Berlin International Film Festival // 5-15 February 2015

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In one of the coldest months of February in recent memory, the MSc Filmmaking and Media Arts group flew out to Berlin to celebrate the city’s 65th annual film festival. The films were many and the sleeps were few – lots of queuing lay in wait amongst the hundreds of journalists, filmmakers and enthusiasts waiting in the cold of a German winter dawn to get tickets – an experience that nobody will forget any time soon! It’s all for the fun, intrigue and excitement of seeing a variety films, though, and there weren’t too many complaints or moans.


In attendance were people ranging from newcomer Joshua Oppenheimer, A-listers Darren Aronovsky and Robert Pattinson, as well as Marcel Ophuls and Germany’s own Wim Wenders and Werner Herzog. But a film festival is not only a story of films. It’s a story of people and tiredness. Of masterclasses and travelling. Of drinking and bonding. Of undersleeping and oversleeping. It’s an experience that will live long in the memory of the students and something that they would recommend to anyone reading this blog entry.


So when words can’t do an experience justice, it’s recommended you take a look at what the students do best – making films. To get a glimpse of their Berlin adventures please look through these short videos taken during the trip:


Alex Dean’s film, Die Deutschebahn


And Delphine Porre’s film, Looking For Fritz




Post Written by Alex Dean and Delphine Porre, MSc Filmmaking and Media Arts




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