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Paris, May 1968

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The final post in our Student Undergraduate Award Showcase is a two-hander, as Theatre Studies students Emma Drostby and Christopher Watts’ reflect on their performance piece, ‘Paris, May 1968’. The piece – devised entirely online – approaches COVID-19 through the lens of memory and trauma, and, in the combination of image and soundscape, explores both… Continue reading

Fever Dream

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The penultimate piece in our Student Undergraduate Prize winner series comes from Music student Maria Mulvenna, who won the award with her composition Fever Dream: for Voice, Percussion, Violin and Cello. Here she reflects on her ideas, influences, and creative processes, which were both helped and hindered by the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. When I first… Continue reading

美 | beautiful

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Our showcase of Student Undergraduate Prize winners continues with 美 (beautiful), an audiovisual composition complete with an introduction from the composer herself, Angela Ng. As Angela explains, the piece – composed for Mezzo-Soprano, Glockenspiel, Violin and Piano – explores the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ of a music performance through a unique lens. The score for… Continue reading

Outsider Art, Revisited

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The second piece in our week-long celebration of the 20/21 Student Undergraduate Prize winners comes from recent graduate in History of Art, Luisa Hahn. Here she explores some of the influences that shaped her video podcast on Outsider Art, and the freedom that came with the invitation to submit an assessment in a creative format.… Continue reading

How to say it?

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In the first of a week-long series celebrating the work of our 2020/21 Student Undergraduate Prize winners, Niki Radman reflects on her piece eye/contact, an audiovisual exploration of looking and eye contact in the cinema of Barry Jenkins. I finished working on ‘eye/contact’ in December 2020, and had begun piecing together the final cut about… Continue reading

Unlocking the Arts during Lockdown

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During the lockdown of Spring 2020, three History of Art students at the University of Glasgow – Belen De Bacco, Bianca Callegaro and Luna Silvestri – used this unexpected new-found time to establish Art Gate, a cultural blog and online community with the aim of making the arts more accessible. In this post Belen discusses… Continue reading

Soundscape: Memory of Unrepeat

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Ferris Wheel by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Clare Archibald, a current MSc Filmmaking and Media Arts student, is a hybrid writer and poet with an interest in between genre interplay of words, sound and image. She also coordinates Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness, a collaborative project exploring women’s ideas on, and experiences of aloneness, darkness and wilderness. We spoke to Clare… Continue reading

The Sound Thought of David Toop

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In February David Toop visited the University of Glasgow as its 2020 Cramb Resident in Music. Musician, innovator, author, curator, and Professor of Audio Culture and Improvisation at the University of the Arts London, Toop led a series of events during this residency on the theme of Listening. Postgraduate student Beth Horseman reflects on this… Continue reading

Rethinking Digital Ideologies | In Conversation with Laura Marks

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Dr Laura U. Marks, perhaps best known for her influential theory of haptic visuality, has built an impressive body of work focusing on embodiment in moving image culture. During her recent visit to the University of Glasgow she sat down with filmmaker and postgraduate student Max Breakenridge to discuss her work. Their talk touches on… Continue reading

Calculated Authenticity | Reflections on art & algorithms by Daniel Rautenbach

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As part of our Inclusive/Exclusive season, we invited Daniel Rautenbach – artist, curator and graphic designer based in Cape Town – to share some reflections on the creative relationship between analogue and digital culture. His response is informed by ‘From the Analogue to Digital & Back’, a presentation given by History of Art’s Dr Alexandra… Continue reading