Letters, with Love: celebrating communing through words

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Rosie Coleman Collier, Emma Aars, Lucy Rose Cunningham (MLitt in Curatorial Practice & MLitt Art Writing postgraduates) ‘Letters, with Love’ received support from ‘Thinking Culture’, a cultural programme supported by the School of Culture & Creative Arts. On Tuesday 7th February, we – Rosie Coleman Collier, Emma Aars and Lucy Rose Cunningham – hosted the… Continue reading

Congratulations to our 2022 SCCA PGT Prize winner!

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Each year the School of Culture and Creative Arts awards a prize to the best performer from the cohort of students who are graduating from our Masters programmes. This year the prize is awarded to Eugenie Theuer from our MSc Film Curation programme for achieving the highest GPA. We caught up with Eugenie to congratulate… Continue reading

Peatlands and Wetlands discipline-hopping group meeting at National Galleries Scotland, Edinburgh

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Professor Clare Willsdon (History of Art), Dr Nicki Whitehouse (Archaeology) and Sarah Gambell (Information Studies) tell us about one of their latest cross-disciplinary projects. An interdisciplinary group of scientists, artists, and archaeologists led by Dr Nicki Whitehouse (Archaeology, UoG) and Prof Clare Willsdon (History of Art, UoG) has come together to share common perspectives around… Continue reading

Paris, May 1968

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The final post in our Student Undergraduate Award Showcase is a two-hander, as Theatre Studies students Emma Drostby and Christopher Watts’ reflect on their performance piece, ‘Paris, May 1968’. The piece – devised entirely online – approaches COVID-19 through the lens of memory and trauma, and, in the combination of image and soundscape, explores both… Continue reading

Fever Dream

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The penultimate piece in our Student Undergraduate Prize winner series comes from Music student Maria Mulvenna, who won the award with her composition Fever Dream: for Voice, Percussion, Violin and Cello. Here she reflects on her ideas, influences, and creative processes, which were both helped and hindered by the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. When I first… Continue reading

美 | beautiful

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Our showcase of Student Undergraduate Prize winners continues with 美 (beautiful), an audiovisual composition complete with an introduction from the composer herself, Angela Ng. As Angela explains, the piece – composed for Mezzo-Soprano, Glockenspiel, Violin and Piano – explores the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ of a music performance through a unique lens. The score for… Continue reading

Outsider Art, Revisited

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The second piece in our week-long celebration of the 20/21 Student Undergraduate Prize winners comes from recent graduate in History of Art, Luisa Hahn. Here she explores some of the influences that shaped her video podcast on Outsider Art, and the freedom that came with the invitation to submit an assessment in a creative format.… Continue reading

How to say it?

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In the first of a week-long series celebrating the work of our 2020/21 Student Undergraduate Prize winners, Niki Radman reflects on her piece eye/contact, an audiovisual exploration of looking and eye contact in the cinema of Barry Jenkins. I finished working on ‘eye/contact’ in December 2020, and had begun piecing together the final cut about… Continue reading

Performing the Archive

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Over the past eight months, Theatre Studies has been collaborating with the team at the University of Glasgow’s Archives and Special Collections to explore how performance methodologies might help tackle the problem of ‘archive anxiety’, the inherent barriers that can stand in the way of a deeper engagement with archives. As the work draws to… Continue reading

Cross Border Queers: Researching South Asian queer diasporic cultures in Britain

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At the start of the year Dr Rohit K Dasgupta joined the team at the School of Culture and Creative Arts as Senior Lecturer in Cultural Industries. By way of introduction, we invited him to tell us a little about his current research project, ‘Cross Border Queers’, which focusses on the cultural histories and personal… Continue reading